Allen's Motel

Hospitality Since 1951

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The Traditional Coakley Breakfast goes back to the days when Arthur and Jessie Coakley first started running Allen's Motel.  Michael and Joan Coakley have kept the tradition alive and serve it up fresh and hot each morning from 7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. May 1st to October 31st at a cost of $4.50 (tax included) per person..

Breakfast consists of a poached double-yolk egg on toast with local smoked back bacon.  To top off that homemade Texas-style toast is Michael's tasty strawberry and raspberry jams which he prepares from a recipe handed down from his father. A choice of juice and coffee, tea or milk rounds off the menu.   It should be noted the coffee served is made from a special blend of roasted beans from Just-Us!Coffee Roasters Co-op (located on Hwy #1 in Grand Pre and found online at: and is freshly ground each day.


Following an 8 day stay, this is how one guest expressed her gratitude to the Coakleys:

In this charming, cozy place
Full of love and gentle grace
Here each morning we would gather
For a bit of friendly chatter
And a bit of food to eat
Which is always such a treat
To the Coakleys
All the best;
We were lucky to be guests."

Iona Mercier
Victoria, British Columbia